Who sponsors the Pressing Needs cider press?
Pressing Needs is a ministry of Gresham Bible Church.

What is the purpose of the cider press?
Pressing Needs is an annual event to help raise money for families in the process of adoption and raise awareness of adoption and foster care needs.

How much are you trying to raise?
Each year we aim to raise about $10,000.

Why is it so expensive?
Many people are surprised to learn that adoption can be very expensive. While many people are able to adopt in less-expensive ways through the Department of Human Services, this can often be a long process. Families seeking infant adoption often go through private agencies, and the process has many steps such as background checks, home studies, legal fees, support for the birth mother, etc. All total adoption through a private agency can cost between $20,000 and $30,000!

Can I donate more than $10 per gallon?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. The minimum suggested donation is $10, but all money is going towards a great cause, so if you feel led to help by giving a little bit more it would be greatly appreciated.

When can I pick up my cider?
Cider should be picked up at the event. If you are unable to pick your cider up in person, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your order.

When do I pay?
Payments should be made at the event. You may pay by check or cash, and during the event we will have the ability to pay by debit card.

To whom should I make payments?
All checks should be made out to "Gresham Bible Church" with "Pressing Needs" in the memo line.

Where do you get your apples?
For the last three events we have been blessed by generous donations from Ryan's Juice in Hood River, Oregon.

What kinds of apples do you use in your cider?
While supplies vary from year to year, we typically use a blend of 4-5 types of apples. These include, Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith.

Is the cider pasteurized?
No. We take careful measures to maintain a high level of cleanliness during the pressing process. But many people prefer to have their cider pasteurized. This can be done easily at home by heating it to 160 F and then refrigerating it.

How long will the cider last?
Unpasteurized, it will keep about 3-4 days refrigerated. If you pasteurize it yourself it will typically last about a full week. You can also freeze the cider for several months!