What is Pressing Needs?

Pressing Needs Cider Press is an annual event of Gresham Bible Church in Gresham, Oregon to highlight what God is doing through adoption/foster care in our community and to financially support those in the process of adoption. Adoption can be extremely expensive and cost-prohibitive for many families who feel led by the Lord to adopt.

Since 2012 the event has raised over $30,000 and has helped four children find a forever home with one more child due to be adopted in December of 2016.

The Willard Family - 2012 & 2015

The first cider press was held in 2012. The idea was quite literally "thrown together at the last minute" as a fundraiser to help support Ted and Kelsey Willard, a couple from GBC who was in the process of adopting four siblings from Uganda. The event was a huge success and raised over $10,000! By the spring of 2013 the Willards welcomed home their four children, Olivia, Hayden, Ava and Hudson. In 2015 and 2016 the Willards once again felt led to pursue adoption and welcomed their fifth child Eden into their family.

The Slawson Family - 2014

The cider press idea was revived in 2014 when Thomas and Cristy Slawson along with their children, Isaiah and Nadia, began the process of domestic adoption. This time around the idea for the press grew and more people got involved. The event raised almost $10,000. It was an amazing time. In 2015 the Slawsons had to put the adoption process temporarily on hold as they had an unexpected blessing of their third child, Lily! As they planned to resume the adoption process, they once again found out that they were expecting. Due to other life circumstances and caring for their son who has special needs, they have put their adoption plans on hold indefinitely. All funds raised towards their adoption have been reallocated to support other families who want to adopt. The Slawsons continue to support and champion the cause of the unborn through adoption and foster care.

The Bock Family - 2015

Jason and Lynsey Bock began the process of adoption in 2015. The 2015 raised $10,000 toward their adoption costs. In 2016 the Bocks welcomed Zachariah into their family!